Rochelle Schleicher

Rochelle Schleicher

Road Cat 3, Cross Cat 3, Former Triathlete, Gravel Grinder


Rochelle Schleicher joined Women’s Free State Racing in late 2013, just before Joules Cross.   Her first official experience on the team was to be (almost literally) thrown on someone’s spare bike, with a different person’s shoes, and a third person’s helmet and given a roughly 10 minute tutorial on cyclocross and was then sent off to the starting line to compete at Joules.  She was, of course, smiling through the whole thing.

Rochelle comes from a running background.  She ran track and cross country at K-State.  After college she competed in triathlons.   She attended several national and world short course championships.  She went to the world long course championships in Kona twice, the second time finishing 5th in her age division.  After a break from competition to coach soccer and play with her kids she came back to competition, starting again with triathlons.

After returning to the World 70.3 Championships twice she switched to straight cycling.  In 2013 she was invited to join WFSR.  In 2014 she went to the Masters Road Nationals placing 3rd in the time trial, 5th in the road race, and 7th in the crit.  In 2015 she place 9th at the Masters CycloCross Championships.

While the time trial is her favorite venue she has grown to love gravel racing .  What she loves most about WFSR is the team camaraderie.  Riding with friends and working together builds wonderful friendships.  She is honored to be on a team with so many unique and talented women.

Rochelle’s second favourite thing is team road trips and can almost always be talked into traveling almost anywhere for any race.  

And she is a FABULOUS companion and teammate.