Amy Evangelista

Amy Evangelista

Mountain Cat 3, Road Cat 4, Cross Cat 4

Amy Evangelista joined Women’s Free State Racing in late 2016, because she wanted to learn, learn to race, and race.  After 10 years of riding her mountain bike on and off recreationally, she delved into competition with an open mind.  She has dabbled in both road and cross, racing a couple of events in each of those disciplines but over the last two years, mountain biking has emerged as her true passion.  She loves to get out there and have fun, spend time with some great ladies and help where she can. 

MTB trails…..Amy loves Mountain Bike trails, and she doesn’t have just one favorite.  But she DOES love to be in the trees.  She even admist to thinking she may have been meant to be a monkey.  Recently, Amy rediscovered a love of doing downhill/enduro stuff. While she hasn’t done anything super crazy  YET, and still considers herself a beginner, she LOVES screaming down hills and jumping over things.

Amy still owns her second mtb bike that she ever bought, she can’t bring herself to get rid of it. A Giant Cypher, first womens specific, full suspension mtb bike. She was so proud of it when she bought it, but compared to today’s bikes it weighs a ton and is sluggish. Now it just sits in the corner and she talks to it every now and then so it doesn’t feel lonely. She also owns a Cannondale Synapse road bike, Cannondale SuperX  for gravel and cross, and her pride and joy… a Niner Jet 9 RDO, which she bought used from a really cool friend.

Prior to creating her bio and team member page for this website, Amy indicated that she had no nicknames.  After reading all of her information, Cindy has dubbed her “the monkey”.  Prior to that, it’s possible that Cindy referred to her as “dairy”….this is because there are FOUR Amys (amies?) on Women’s Free State, so to keep them straight, the team often used initials.  Because A&E is a popular dairy brand, it only seemed obvious to dub her dairy Amy…..but Monkey is WAY better….


My First Mountain Bike Race Ever..


I was so surprised when I won. There was some really good racers out there, its still all a blur, but the funny part of the whole thing was I made it to the podium (well that wasn’t the funny part, surprising but not funny) I was so excited to step up on the podium for the very first time, I stepped too far to the back, it tipped and I fell right off. Not a graceful dismount either. In front of a crowd of people. Only to get my reward, leave the podium and run face first into the yellow sign that said “watch your head”. So, my name is out there, but not for winning a race, but for falling the podium and about knocking myself out on the “watch your head” sign.

-Amy Evangelista