Carly Teater

Carly Teater

Mountain Cat 3, Road Cat 4, Cross Cat 4

Carly Teater lover of all things that have to do with cycling, was introduced to cycling when a friend asked her to go mountain biking in spring of 2010. It was love at first ride! Later that year Carly bought her first road bike and joined every group and charity ride she could find.  Although Carly loved putting miles on her road bike, she loved racing her mountain bike more.  She signed up for her first mountain bike race in 2011 and continued to race strictly on single track until 2014 with team GO!  It was in the spring of 2014 when she signed up for the Spring Fling and Perry series.  Shortly after that she was approached by WFSR and asked to join the team. It was a great fit!

Since that time Carly has participated in several races, road, mountain, and CX.  She took some time off from racing in 2016 and welcomed her second child, baby Zander.  She has also dedicated much of her time to continuing her education.  She is currently a full time student at Missouri Western State University where she studies criminal justice with an emphasis in legal studies.

What do I love about cycling?

I love the sun on my face, I love spending hours on the road, climbing mountains, getting dirty, the friends and memories I’ve made and continue to make.  I love sharing my love for cycling with my family and friends!

-Carly Teater

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