Jana Strait

Jana Strait

Road Cat 3, Gravel Grinder

Jana Strait is a life-long endurance athlete.  Jana grew up playing sports, but became addicted to running when she discovered it as a means for relaxing and being able to maintain focus.  She began running marathons in 2001 and over the course of 10 years completed 17 marathons and countless half-marathons.  Her marathon completions include Boston, the Seoul International Marathon, and Chicago.  In 2002, she bought her first real road bike while recovering from a running injury and discovered what a blast cycling could be.  At first, she used cycling predominantly as a means of fun cross training for her running, but as running injuries accumulated, she discovered she was slowly transitioning more and more to cycling.  This lead to a few seasons competing in triathlons before she decided to focus completely on cycling.  Missing the competitive aspect of running, however, she began exploring bike racing and entered her first bike race in 2011.  Shortly thereafter, Jana joined GP Velotek and learned just how much fun road racing could be.  Living in Kansas City, she ended up developing friendships with Rochelle, Renae, and Julie.  When they provided her the opportunity to join WFSR, there was no doubt where she belonged.  During this time, and despite being a longtime roadie, Jana took a gamble and deciding to try gravel racing.  It immediately appealed to her endurance racing background and she was hooked.  Jana has now completed countless gravel races to include such events as Dirty Kanza, Gravel Worlds, and Land Run, and has managed to convince a few teammates to join her.  Jana continues to compete with her team in both road and gravel events.  Unrelated to cycling, Jana is also a gym rat and is addicted to weightlifting, having previously competed in body building events.

Why I signed up for the DK-200


I signed up for the DK because it was a huge undertaking that frankly scared me. I do not like fearing things. I firmly believe that it is important to do things that scare us every now and then. This does not have to be a physical challenge necessarily – it could be learning a new language or how to play a musical instrument – it really does not matter.  It is about stepping outside of our comfort zones, risking failure, and attempting something we have never done before.  It is easy, particularly as we get older, to become lured into complacency.  I choose not to be that way. I like to find the limits of my capabilities and DK helped me push those boundaries.

-Jana Strait

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