Way back in 1910, Charles Robinson, the founder of Lawrence and first governor of Kansas, purchased the land from the Delaware Indians where the original JOHNNY’S TAVERN in Lawrence stands today.  In 1953, Mr. John Wilson stepped in and JOHNNY’S TAVERN was born! It became a haven for the workingman with plenty of cold beer and C & W music on the jukebox. The original red arrow and giant beer mug sign still hang out front today. It was the beginning of what is now the “LONGEST RUNNIN’ TAP IN TOWN”.

In 1978, fellow rugby players and fledgling bar keeps Rick Renfro and Doug Hassig took over ensuring a place for teammates to partake in suds and song. The ‘boys’ added a grill behind the bar and started serving up what are now “JOHNNY’S WORLD FAMOUS BURGERS”.
Rick still owns Johnny’s Tavern, now with 10 locations and counting.  We are fortunate to have them as a team sponsor and are proud to bear the iconic red arrow logo of this exceptional example of Lawrence history on our kit!