Lynn Malir

Lynn Malir

Gravel Grinder, Former Triathlete, Cross cat 5

Lynn Malir joined Women’s Free State Racing in late summer 2017 just before the beginning of Cross Season.  Lynn has always LOVED to be outside in nature and better yet MOVING outside in nature! Her competitive background began with gymnastics and track and field.  She competed for the University of Missouri in track with a specialty in the 800 meters.  After college, she competed and won many local 5 and 10k races.  Injury, work and life intervened causing a long sabbatical from competitive endeavors.  During the course of her late 30’s and early 40’s she ran several marathons including The Boston marathon and competed in the Lake Placid Ironman.  She also did a couple of the early gravel races called the Death Ride, which she won twice.  In 2008, Lynn won the DK100.  In 2016, after another break in her cycling adventures, Lynn entered the DK200, only to have to quit due to stomach issues at the ½ way mark.  Lynn is not a quitter and this fueled her desire to sign up and complete the race the next year.  Her finish time goal for the DK200 in 2017 was officially 16 hours but she had a faint hope that I could earn the Beat the Sun award.  Much to her surprise, she finished in 13 hours and 30 minutes, Beat the Sun and placed 2nd in my age group.

Why I joined Women’s Free State Racing

I am a proud newbie member of WFSR, as of 8/17!  Renae Weaver reached out to me and asked if I might like to join.  I was taken back not because she asked, but because I really hadn’t thought of myself as a bike racer, a competitor yes, but a bike racer, not so much.  Since I graduated from college I have basically gone through periods without a regular exercise routine and then I would commit to an event and train and then go back to an irregular routine.   After racing the DK200 this year and finding more time as my last child graduates from high school this year, I realized this was a perfect opportunity!   After the first meet and greet and ride with the team, I was sold!  What a great group of supportive, fun, accomplished, and driven women.  I feel so fortunate Renae reached out to me!

-Lynn Malir

I am looking forward to trying out cyclocross.  Who doesn’t love a good obstacle course and some anaerobic fun!   My gravel bike is a beauty and fitted with new tires should work great!  I don’t have a road bike right now, only a tri-bike, but who knows maybe another bike is in my future!  Don’t tell my husband! 

Photo Gallery

Come back soon for some pictures of Lynn as she starts her first cross season on the Women’s Free State Racing Team!