Renae Weaver

Renae Weaver

Road Cat 3, Cross Cat 3, Gravel Grinder, Mountain Dabbler

Renae Weaver’s first races in Kansas were the Spring Fling and the Perry Dam Series training races back in 2008. At that time, Renae was racing with Velotek.  In 2010, shortly after the Tour of Lawrence, she joined Women’s Free State Racing.  However, her ACTUAL first races were over 40 years ago. Her family raced motorcycles in Texas, and Renae completed in the kids bicycle races. She loved beating the boys on her pink bike with a banana seat and the motorcycling handlebars that her dad had installed for her.  She is currently conquering gravel most of the time, but still races road and cross and might even be found out on the mountain bike trails occasionally


Women’s Racing

There were very few women racing locally in 2008. I was really the only woman racing on Velotek at that time. During the Tour of Lawrence, I was inspired by the WFSR gals with their team tactics and support. I knew at that moment I wanted to be on their team. I joined WFSR just a few months after that.

-Renae Weaver

While having dinner after the 2017 Junciton City Circuit, I received word from Sunflower Outdoor and Bike Shop that Mango, my beloved Crux Evo Gravel bike, had a crack in her frame.  It was heartbreaking to hear about.  And while I am still sad to say goodbye to the orange crux, I am happy to get a new 2018 11R carbon frame at no charge!!! Kudos to Sunflower for finding the crack, and working out the replacement with Specialized!

Specialized SWorks Tarmac Road

Specialized Expert Crux Cx/Gravel

Specialized Expert Evo MTB

Cervelo P3 TT Bike

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