Severine Tournadre

Severine Tournadre

Road Cat 3, Cross Cat 4

Severine Tournadre always enjoyed riding while growing up, and going to school in France.   She is lucky enough to remember watching the Tour travel through her home town years ago.  She started riding more when sh moved to the US and met other cyclists.   Her first group ride was with the Brookside group on Thursday.  She was on a mountain bike but enjoyed keeping up with the road bikes. She eventually got a used road bike and never thought she would get used to clipping in.  Soon after, she joined GTG and found she enjoyed not just riding, but also racing her bike when she did the State Line road race in 2014.  She then did the Salina road race and met Glenda and Rochelle from Women’s Free state.  Sev appreciated the mentoring from these two amazing ladies, despite being on a different team.  It didn’t take much for Rochelle to talk her into joining Women’s Free State Racing

My favorite brand is Specialized. I saw one day a specialized helmet and loved it so much I bought it with the matching bike!

Why I joined Women’s Free State Racing

I enjoy the diversity, the different disciplines, the fact it is a women team, the camaderie. I have a lot of respect for my teammates who work so hard and are inspiring.

-Severine Tournadre

I enjoy the different group rides around town. I enjoy riding my cross bike on Tomahawk trail.

I enjoy Zwift when training indoors. I like complementing my cycling with yoga and swimming, hiking.

As long as I am active and healthy I am happy!

One of my favorite thing is going watch the Tour when I am visiting my family.

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